Associate Lawyer
Nadezhda Makeeva
KA2 Light Architecture

Office in Moscow

Year 2022
Location Moscow, Russia
· Concept development
· Supply of lighting equipment
· Implementation
Office Project
Used Equipment
The company 8PROJECT successfully completed an ambitious lighting project for a modern office space of a private company in Moscow. The project was conceived as a way to not only efficiently illuminate the workspace but also to create an atmosphere conducive to productivity and creative thinking among the employees.

Within the developed lighting concept, it was decided to use pendant light fixtures, which allowed for a significant increase in the illumination level of the work areas while at the same time maintaining the stylish appearance of the interior. The design of the light fixtures was selected to match the overall design of the interior and highlight the modern character of the office space.

The choice of pendant lights was aimed at providing uniform lighting without glare or reflections that could create discomfort.
Suspended luminaires
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