Associate Lawyer
Nadezhda Makeeva
KA2 Light Architecture

Apartment in the Residential Complex "Knightbridge"

Year 2022
Location Moscow, Russia
· Concept development
· Supply of lighting equipment
· Implementation
Point Design
Used Equipment
The 8PROJECT company proudly presents a sophisticated and innovative lighting project that has been implemented in an exclusive private apartment of the "Knightbridge" residential complex. The project was meticulously designed with attention to every detail, to create a special atmosphere and add elegance to the interior of this contemporary living space.

The lighting project includes the integration of smart control systems to provide owners with the ability to easily control and adjust the lighting according to their preferences and usage scenarios.

For the project, high-quality products from leading lighting solution manufacturers were selected. This ensures the longevity and reliability of the lighting. The equipment includes a range of innovative fixtures that provide optimal light distribution, high-quality light transmission, and maximum comfort.

The 8PROJECT team worked closely with clients and contractors to ensure seamless installation and proper integration of all lighting systems.
Recessed Luminaires
Surface mounted luminaires
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