Associate Lawyer
Nadezhda Makeeva
KA2 Light Architecture

Garden Quarters Private Apartments

Year 2022
Location Moscow, Russia
· Concept development
· Supply of lighting equipment
· Implementation
Used Equipment
Recessed Luminaires
Searchlights (internal)
Line Lights
The lighting concept developed by 8PROJECT strives to create an atmosphere of comfort, functionality and aesthetic appeal in every room of the apartment. The project team paid special attention to coordinating the overall style and lighting design with the architecture and interior of the premises.

As part of the project, innovative and high-quality LED lamps were used to create a variety of lighting effects, adjust the brightness and warmth of the light depending on the needs and preferences of the client. Particular attention was paid to decorative lighting to highlight the unique elements of the interior and create a cozy atmosphere in each room.

The lighting project for a private apartment in the Garden Quarters residential complex was implemented taking into account the requirements of safety, energy efficiency and ease of operation. The experienced and qualified team of professionals at 8PROJECT guarantees high quality work, as well as attentive and individual attention to each client.
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