Associate Lawyer
Nadezhda Makeeva
KA2 Light Architecture

Cameo Moscow Villas

Year 2020
Location Moscow, Russia
· Concept development
· Development of project documentation
· Implementation

Landscape company ARTEZA
Used Equipment
Surface mounted luminaires
Wall mounted luminaires
Luminaires with support
Floor recessed luminaires
Standing luminaires
Cameo's look is inspired by the coziness of small towns in old Europe. Every detail of this residential complex is perfect. Expressive architecture, terraces and patios, noble gardens, the latest engineering, underground parking, comfort service, privacy and security - the British concept of comfort in tandem with the lightness of Mediterranean architecture.

As part of the work on the project, we carried out the adaptation of the landscape lighting of the object, which includes the study of design features, the development of working documentation and the implementation of the lighting project according to the approved concept.

On behalf of the 8PROJECT team, we thank our partners for their cooperation, namely for the unique opportunity to work on such an interesting and unusual project.
Cameo Moscow Villas is more than actual real estate. This is an exclusive lifestyle that combines intimacy and privacy with all the advantages of the center of the capital.
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