Associate Lawyer
Nadezhda Makeeva
KA2 Light Architecture

Six Senses Krabey Island

Year 2019
Location Koh Krabey, Cambodia
· Adapting landscape lighting
· Development of working documentation
· Development of special fixtures for fixtures
· Equipment arrangement and binding scheme
· Equipment supply installation
· Architectural supervision
· Client: Six Senses
· Project Management: Brightside Engineering
· Landscape Design: Yasen Landscape Group
· Interior Design: DIN Studio
· Outdoor navigation: be>our>friend

Lighting equipment
Recessed Luminaires
Wall mounted luminaires
Luminaires on support
Searchlights (outdoor)
Floor recessed luminaires
Standing luminaires
Six Senses Krabey Island is a stylish and cozy resort on the idyllic tropical island of Krabey, off the coast of Sihanoukville National Park, just a short boat ride from the Cambodian coast.
The island has 40 private villas with swimming pools, two restaurants and a bar, which allowed the authors of the project to create a calm and cozy atmosphere.
As part of the work on the project, we carried out the adaptation of the landscape lighting of the object, which includes the study of design features, the development of working documentation and the visualization of lighting according to the approved concept. Special assemblies for fixing fixtures were developed and a detailed diagram of the arrangement and binding of equipment was drawn up.

On behalf of the KA2 Light Architecture team, we thank our partners for their cooperation, within which we were given a unique opportunity to work on such an interesting and unusual project.

We believe that natural and sophisticated materials, luxury and the latest technology make the hotel one of the best resorts in Cambodia. Six Senses Krabey Island is definitely one of those places we would love to return to.
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