Associate Lawyer
Nadezhda Makeeva
KA2 Light Architecture

Konakovo Country House

Year 2018
Location Moscow region, Russia
· Concept development
Architectural Bureau of Roman Leonidov
Used Equipment
Surface mounted luminaires
Wall mounted luminaires
Searchlights (outdoor)
Floor recessed luminaires
Standing luminaires
The main idea embodied in the concept of architectural lighting of the facades of the complex of buildings and the site is to preserve the atmosphere created by the architects based on the openness of the river, transparency and lightness. And also the integration of modern lighting solutions into this atmosphere.

It is supposed to single out the volumes of the facades from the inside, and outside to emphasize the naturalness of materials. At the same time, link the lighting of the landscape and all buildings into a single concept. It is important to highlight all zones in such a way that the view from the water to the site is gently illuminated in the evening, and the view from the house to the water creates an atmosphere of comfort.

Landscape lighting is an important connecting element of such a variety of buildings in a single harmony.
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